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In the Great Commission Jesus commands his disciples to Go, Baptize and Make disciples of all nations teaching them to obey all he has commanded. (Matt 28:19-20)

At PCC we seek to carry out the 3rd command in the Great Commission by encouraging 1 on 1 or couple on couple discipleship.  

You might be interested in intimate discipleship

IF you are in crisis in relationships or in your circumstances.  God is anxious for you to learn biblical tools to glorify Him during your struggles.

You might be interested in intimate discipleship

IF you want to be equipped to disciple others who may or may not be struggling.  

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Prayer at Prescott Christian is a priority along with the other Acts 2 church activities.  We have three opportunities for you to get involved in the prayer ministry.  If the description you read sounds like you, contact us using the form provided. 


    Be a part of the prayer ministry by receiving email prayer requests and offering intercessory prayers for those who submit prayer needs to our online prayer ministry at prayerchain@prescottchristian.com.

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    You can be part of the prayer ministry by volunteering as a member of the Prayer Team. The Prayer Team prays for people at the Prayer Wall during every Sunday service.  We carefully evaluate each person who is interested to be sure they have a heart for people, are biblically sound and anxious to pray with those who may have quite difficult issues.

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    Prayer Partners is a ministry of those who consider PCC their home church.  Each Prayer Partner receives a monthly email assigning a specific PCC Ministry to pray for during that month such as Children's Ministry or Youth Ministry, etc.  In addition, you may be called on to pray for a specific event.

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